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31 Million


of UK adults have
not written a Will

of UK parents have not chosen who would take care of their children if they passed away

The number of people, whose property and financial assets could be left to someone they have NOT chosen when they die

Although the amount of people writing a Will is increasing slowly year on year, the facts are the majority of younger people aren't putting this important provision in place. In fact, the 55 - 70 year old age range are responsible for over half of the Wills drafted in England & Wales. 

The average age to write a Will is 58.

why do I need a Will?

If you die without a Will, this is called dying 'intestate'. Specific laws will then dictate what happens to your property, money and other assets.

This could mean that your spouse, partner or children lose out with some or all of your estate passing to those you may not have chosen.

It makes an already difficult time even harder for your loved ones.

what decisions do I need to make?

Judge gavel

Appoint Executors

Appoint Trustees

Choose Guardians

Specify Beneficiaries