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Do I Need a Will?

4 Reasons that show you just may

Many people believe that writing a will is something you do when you get "old" so most keep it at the bottom of their to-do list. However, in fact there are many reasons (some that you may not
have thought about) that should be taken into consideration whether you’re young or old and to determine what type of will you need.

Some think they have nothing to leave, however, wealth aside, there are many more important reasons that should encourage you to have a will made.

Let’s discuss in more detail…

1) Do you want to choose who to leave it all to?

If you do not make a will and you pass away, then the 'laws of intestacy' will take effect. These are a strict set of inheritance laws that outline who is to inherit, meaning that your assets may not end up with who you intended. For example, under the 'laws of intestacy', cohabiting couples, and stepchildren have no legal rights and therefore would not inherit if you passed away without making a will.

2) Are you an unmarried couple?

It is a common misconception that cohabiting couples have the same legal rights as married couples, however, this is not the case. If you are not married, but living together (cohabiting), your partner will not automatically inherit unless you have a valid will in place recording that they should benefit. As a result of this, complications could arise around living arrangements, disputes, and Inheritance Tax issues...

3) Do you want to choose who to be in charge?

One of the most important factors in making a will is choosing who you would like to be in charge of administering your estate. These people are known as executors. If you don't appoint an executor through your will, someone else, usually a family member has to apply to the courts to deal with your estate after you've gone. This is a long and arduous process which typically ends up in the hands of specialist solicitors who will charge a fee, often times a substantial one.

4) Do you have a child under 18 years of age?

Who would look after your child if the worst did happen? A huge reason for making a will is the appointment of a guardian for minors. It is important that you appoint a person that you trust with the raising of your children, to give you peace of mind they are cared for appropriately upon your passing. If no formal arrangements are made, it may be for the courts to decide who to appoint as the legal guardian and this may not be who you would have chosen.


If this resonates with you, then now is a good time to start planning. Be the organised one and protect your family.
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