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A Message in a Bottle

"These bottles really do save lives"

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It was some years ago that I came across this wonderful initiative when I noticed a large, green sticker on a fridge in a clients home...(oh the days when we could sit yards away from our clients in their own homes chatting away!) I was curious and I began asking questions.

Doreen enthusiastically told me all about it and ever since, I have repeated Doreen's enthusiasm to everyone I meet, everyone! I have built this discussion into my firms processes and my advice when speaking with our clients.

A few weeks ago, I thought, rather than tell people individually, just shout about it from our social media rooftops...so here I am. I reached out to our local Lions club in Lichfield to ask for permission to write about it and they have kindly given us a stock of the bottles so we can distribute them to our clients rather than just referring them to the branch.

So...what is it and why is it wonderful!?

Enclosed in a little round bottle with the Lions logo printed firmly on it is just a simple piece of paper and a couple of stickers. But what gets put on the paper and where the stickers get stuck is the most important part. As you can imagine, personal details like a name and DOB are inserted but also a history of any illnesses and current medication along with doctors details, emergency contacts, carer contact details and any allergies...it even allows you to record if there are any pets at home or if you have anyone that depends on you.

Why do we need to record this information?

What if you had a fall at home or suffered a seizure or even a stroke and consciousness is lost. Wouldn't it help the paramedics who are first on the scene if they knew as much about you as possible...the medication you take, the conditions you may suffer from and any family they should contact. It may affect how they treat you and save your life!

All emergency services are aware of the Lions Message in a Bottle initiative so will look out for the large, green sticker that you must stick on your fridge. Where does the bottle go? That's an easy one, in the fridge.

What should you do next?

Contact your local Lions Intl. branch or simply contact us, we are thrilled to be able to help out and will drop a bottle off for you if you live in Lichfield or any of the surrounding towns or villages.

I would like to thank Geoffrey and John of Lichfield Lions with letting us help out and I will leave you with a quote from John..."These bottles really do save lives". Spread the word!

You can email us at info@taylorlucas.co.uk or call the office on 01543 220969.

To find out about the work that Lions Intl. do in local communities, visit www.lionsclubs.co

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