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Discretionary Will Trust


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What is a
Discretionary Trust?

A Discretionary Trust Will allows you to appoint trustees to manage inheritance on behalf of vulnerable loved ones who require assistance.

You can use a discretionary trust will to place your estate, or part of it, into a trust created in your will, to be managed by your chosen trustees. You then name the potential beneficiaries of the trust and give your trustees discretion over which of the potential beneficiaries actually receives anything from the trust, when and how.

Benefits of a Discretionary Trust Will

A Discretionary Trust will:

  • guarantees that vulnerable people are given assistance in the management of their inheritance

  • reduces the risk of state benefit entitlements being compromised by the receipt of inheritance

  • potentially helps unmarried couples with Inheritance Tax planning

Who can benefit from a Discretionary Trust Will?

A discretionary trust will can benefit anyone who wishes to leave inheritance to:

  • loved ones who lack the mental or physical capacity to look after their own affairs

  • loved ones who have a disability and run the risk of having their state benefit entitlements compromised by the receipt of inheritance

  • beneficiaries who are in a vulnerable position or who are unable to manage their own finances

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