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Secure Document Storage with Taylor Lucas

Secure Document Storage


With you every step of the way

Keep It Safe!

Once your will has been signed by you and witnessed by two independent persons, it is a valid and legal document. There is only one original but you will be issued with a copy.

The original will is the only document that your Executor can use to administer your estate and execute your wishes. A paper copy or digital version cannot be used. If a will cannot be found after death, the laws of intestacy will apply and your estate may not go to who you have chosen.

It is very important that your original will is presented to the probate registry in good condition. If the document appears in a poor state, it may be determined that it has been tampered with and possibly rejected.

Secure document storage from Taylor Lucas Partnership is highly recommended and you will receive a copy of your will and a certificate confirming your storage arrangements.

Key Benefits


When you choose to store your Will and any other supporting documents, they will be insured for up to £2 million.

Free Amendments

When you choose to store your Will and other supporting documents, you will be able to amend them free of cost for your lifetime. 


When you choose to store your Will with us, we will register it on the National Will Register. 

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With you every step of the way!
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