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Fees and Services

Standard Will Writing

Last Will & Testament - £150/£250

Will Trusts

Property Protection (Incl. Severance of Tenancy) - £695
Discretionary - £645
Vulnerable Persons - £645
Flexible Life Interest Property & Right to Reside - £595

Lifetime Trusts

Estate Allocation - £2995/£3295

Home Protection - £2495/£2695

Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney - Financial & Health - £595/£795

Document Storage

Includes multiple member benefits - £29/39 PA

Protection Trust

A trust assigned to a life or critical illness policy that allows you to nominate who will benefit from the proceeds - £150

Severance of Tenancy

Changes the joint ownership of a property to enable the owners to gift their respective shares by deed of trust or Will) - £145

Letters of Wishes/ Advance Decisions

The expert preparation of documents designed to support a Will or LPA - £95/£145

Document Updates

To amend an existing Will or Will Trust - From £150

F e e s  a r e  i n c l u s i v e  o f  V A T.

T h e  f i g u r e  o n  t h e  l e f t  i s  f o r  a n  i n d i v i d u a l  c l i e n t ,  t h e  f i g u r e  o n  t h e  r i g h t  i s  f o r  a  c o u p l e .

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